Dreams Can Come True…

jump-for-joyThey can! They do! They are!

Way-back-when my heart used to skip a beat at the thought of studying Fine Art at an art college (Norwich was my dream college destination then). For sundry reasons, it wasn’t meant to be, and it’s only now that I’m grateful it didn’t happen. Continue reading

Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach. Eh?

lightbulb21This expression has bothered me for many years. It felt like a massive dis-service to those who teach, belittling their ability to do what they are teaching.

Then I had a light-bulb moment.

Ting! Continue reading

Shirts Galore…

image1Just over a year ago my father died, a mere 4 weeks short of his 89th birthday. He was a strange, challenging and sometimes delightful fellow, blessed with a creative streak which he channelled into furniture making. In the seventies he was removed from his position as chairman of a brass foundry (his ideas to make the company profitable once more were just too far ahead of the game at the time), and was of an age where getting another job was oh so difficult. After 18 months it was decided that we would move to our cottage on the mountainside, overlooking the sea in Pembrokeshire. Continue reading

Are Artists Just Gamblers at Heart?


I’m discovering that there is NOTHING that gives me the same buzz that selling my work does! I was sitting in our local the other evening when I received a message asking if one of my textile pieces was still available for sale as she’d like to buy it, if that was ok. Continue reading

Small Shed Session – Lavender Wand Weaving

This Sunday in our shed – come and weave lavender and ribbon to create beautiful, aromatic wands and bottles.

Details here –¬†Small Shed Session – Lavender Wands

Come and play!

Rachael x

Lovely Lavender!

Lavender WandWhat’s not to love about lavender? The range of colour is perfection, the scent is divine, and it’s the kind of plant you can just bung in the ground and leave to it’s own devices (apart from an annual short, back and sides). Continue reading