Are Artists Just Gamblers at Heart?


I’m discovering that there is NOTHING that gives me the same buzz that selling my work does! I was sitting in our local the other evening when I received a message asking if one of my textile pieces was still available for sale as she’d like to buy it, if that was ok.

Is that ok?

Heck yeah! I love selling my work. It clears the space for me to create more, both physically and mentally, it provides funds to buy more materials or to go out seeking further inspirations, but most of all, it validates what I do.

Love my work, love me? Unsure about that. I feel happy with who I am without selling my textile pieces. It means I can carry on doing what I absolutely adore doing – creating and tinkering with textiles, being messy, being tidy, making from the heart.

The only other feeling I can liken it to is winning a bet, but a big one – a 100-1 wager that comes in. Have I become a gambler? We shall see.

Your thoughts...