Easter Bunny using a Knitted Square – Video Tutorial

It’s nearly Easter and the bunnies want to come out to play! This project takes about 1 or 2 hours (max), assuming you’ve already got a knitted square.

Knitted square (mine was approx 7” x 7”, but any size will do)
Yarn needle
sewing needle
3 x pins
masking or sticky tape
2 x buttons or eyes
thread for sewing on eyes
light coloured yarn for tail
length of ribbon for neck bow

To Create the Head and Ears:

Pin at 1,2, & 3: start running stitch at 1, across to 2, up to 3, finish back at 1.
Pin at 1,2, & 3: start running stitch at 1, across to 2, up to 3, finish back at 1.
  • Place pins at points 1 and 2  (side to side)
  • Pin half way along top edge (3).
  • Thread needle (either with matching wool or polyester thread) and knot end.
  • Work a couple of securing stitches in the right side by the pin.
  • Use running stitch right to left (from 1 to 2 not he diagram), pin to pin.
  • Create a straight line using the masking tape from the left hand pin (2) to the top pin (3) and continue with running stitch to the top.
  • Repeat for the top (3) to right hand pin (1).
  • Remove tape and pins.
  • Carefully pull the thread/yarn up to gather the running stitches. Wind thread around finger to lock in place while you even up the gathers. Make sure the gathers are eased along the side-to-side stitching.
  • Hold the end of the thread around your finger whilst stuffing what is now the head.
  • When stuffed to your satisfaction, finish pulling up the gathers and make a securing stitch or two at what is now the bottom of the ears / back of the neck (I have used an over-stitch or four).

Make Ears:

  • With the same thread, fold back, lower edge of ear toward the front of the ear, and create a fold in the centre (optional).
  • Push the needle through all three elements back to front, then front to back.
  • Repeat.
  • Make a couple of stay stitches to lock the thread.
  • Repeat for the remaining ear.
  • Stitch up space between ears using which stitch you fancy, just remember to secure afterwards.

Shape face:

  • Work out where you’d like the eyes to go
  • Push needle through from back of head to the eye-socket location (taking care to avoid pushing pin into your thumb – smaller children may need help with this)
  • Make a small stitch and immediately pass the needle through to the opposite side of the face.
  • Push needle back to the other side, ensuring you’ve made a small stitch which will create the shape of the eye-socket.
  • Repeat and pull as tightly as you fancy – the tighter it is pulled, the deeper the eye-socket / the narrower the face will be.
  • Three or four times is enough.

To make the chin

  • Work out where you’d like the chin to be,
  • Push needle from eye socket down to chin, then up from chin to the eye socket on the other side.
  • Repeat a couple of times.
  • Make a couple of securing stitches at the neck.


Stitch up back

  • Thread the yarn needle (can use the trailing yarn from the square) and stitch up the back.
  • Do a running stitch to get yarn back to the lower edge.
  • Stuff to the fatness you fancy – more stuffing, the fatter and firmer your bunny will be.


Make the base

  • Place the bunny on the card and draw roughly around the shape. Mark in around 1/2 cm in from the edge and cut out.
  • Do running stitch around the casting on row (not in the ditch to prevent puckering).
  • Insert card disc.
  • Draw up yarn, secure. stitch to fill in any gaps to cover up the card.
  • Secure again.
  • Carefully cut the thread.

Add eyes

  • Using small buttons, sequins or goggly eyes, and either matching thread or black thread (polyester is great), attach buttons on both sides. I stitch both on simultaneously, pushing the needle through from button to button.
  • Take thread down to neck to secure, then cut.
    Make a tail
  • For the tail you can either make a pompon or, what I did was to wrap wool around a ruler (approx 3” worth), slide it off the end and tie it around the middle.
  • Attach to the lower back.
  • Tie a ribbon around the neck
  • Add little flowers, hats, clothes, or anything you fancy.
  • Whiskers can be made from sewing thread, stitched back and forth, then secured carefully as they can pull out.

When you have finished, take photo of your bunny and post it on The Textile Tutor Facebook page. I’d love to see how you’ve got on.

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  1. Hi Rachel. I done my first rabbit and it was fine, got to get the ears better next time. Thanks for the info, I do appreciate it. Keep up the good work. Marie

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