Felt Balls Tutorial – update

Balls!I never in my wildest dreams imagined that ANYONE would actually watch the felt balls video I made for a 30 Day Challenge in 2011, aside from those on the course. I’ve just had a quick squizz at the figures and as of today, the total is  304,491 (January 2015)!

It’s kinda exciting! Thank you all for watching it, and for your comments and questions. I look forward to making more.

I love seeing what people have made with their felt balls. This is a garland made from them. Do share – no shyness required…


  • Merino fleece (rovings) – kits available here shortly
  • Towel to collect any drips
  • Soapy water (I use one small squirt of washing up liquid in about 3/4 pint of warm water
  • Hot water (I used a teapot in the video)
  • Cold water to rinse (this is in the jug)
  • Optional mug of tea and songbird

A 6″ length of roving will make one ball approx 3/4″ diameter.

Enjoy yourself!


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8 thoughts on “Felt Balls Tutorial – update

    1. Great question! I measure the fleece (I used a hand span in the video), but this doesn’t account for some rovings coming in a thicker “rope”, so maybe having a small set of scales might help (small in the sense that it can count single grammes).

      I would recommend keeping the length about the same, then adding in or taking away lengths rather than adding chunks as this could make your balls lumpy. Yeuch!

      I hope that made sense…

      R x

    1. It would depend on the type of fleece you are using (is it merino?), how thickly you will add the layers over the ping-pong ball and how tightly you felt.

      Can you send an image of the fleece to me and I’ll have a better idea and may be able to give you a slightly more helpful answer!


      R x

  1. Hi Rachael! Thanks so much for the tutorial 🙂 I had a go for the first time today and I seem to keep getting cracks in my felt balls. I can see almost from the start that I’m going to have them, but I can’t seem to avoid them! Whacking the ball with the bottle doesn’t seem to work for me. Any advice?
    Thanks in advance – Natasha

    1. Hi Natasha,

      It may be that you are being slightly impatient and trying to get them ball shaped/sized too soon. By rolling them loosely to start, then GRADUALLY apply a little more pressure you may find your balls are crease free.

      To rescue the ones you’ve made, I would consider buying a felting needles and CAREFULLY needle felt the rift, or add very thin layers of fleece over the top of the cracks and needle felt them into place. Watch those needles though – they are vicious!

      Hope this helps.


  2. That’s around 8 grams, so you’d probably get 2 per colour. Please bear in mind that it’s a guesstimate. They are lovely colours and I look forward to seeing your results.

    R x

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