Horsforth Walk of Art 2015

I am so excited! Nearly a year ago somebody posted on our local community Facebook page that she was thinking of putting together a community art event, was anyone interested? Heck yeah! My hand shot up, and it was very clear that others were as keen as I was, so Horsforth Walk of Art was born.

The organiser, Lara Rule, has been extraordinary; the event that she has put together is immense! There are musical events (yes, I’m drumming too!), kids activities, try it out sessions, open studios(I have my textile pieces in my shed), there are food sessions, open gardens, poetry, and even a “if you see a rabbit, grabbit” trail.

The four (colour coded) routes cover around 8 miles of Horsforth, in and out of houses and gardens, sheds and garages, cafes, shops, churches and small businesses, the local park, farmers market and more.

As I said, huge!

It has been perfect for me. My studio has been organised, I’ve been creating, the shed is now painted (and looks a fab location for my work), and the garden is ever so nearly there.



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