I have a soft pot for you

Fluffy Pot

To some, writing or creating is like breathing – there is a flow in and out, sometimes more inhalation than exhalation or vice versa, but even though the resistance can be there we can’t help ourselves but do it. I have spent the day itching to be creative outside of work, and succeeded in doing very little work and to this moment, no creating. How easy it is to beat myself up and call myself names. I ignore the fact that sometimes for the stone of creativity to roll it has to be pushed up the hill – such effort!

Last night I sat with my partners boys who were asking about my fluffy little pot. The burning question was “What’s it for?”. “Play,” was the answer. I thought it was a complete answer and one which required no further explanation. Silly me.  We are so indoctrinated with the idea that some things have to be useful that we can overlook the idea of either decorative (which the fluffy pot doesn’t quite achieve) or made because it was fun to make (which it was). Further discussion established that it was a warmer for either an ear or  for someone with a particularly large proboscis.

The fluffy pot was harder to make than the first one as I now had a pre-conceived idea of how it could look. I used the same rice-filled form as in Neighbours Pot 1 (a mistake as it turned out, but more of that later), and lay some slivers of navy fleece in gentle swirls over the upper part of the form, then covered it with layers of white fleece. It was dry felted with the felting needle (which I suspect is getting a bit blunt as it took many more stabs to meld the fibres than in Pot 1).

When it had reached the point of felt I was happy with I went to remove the form and discovered that I had very successfully felted the pot to the form! Duh! Ok, I’m on a learning curve but I should have listened to that small suspicion that using the form the first time would have opened up the weave of the tights and made it a strong possibility that more fibres would get pushed through and possibly felted to the under-layer using it for a second time…

After chuckles I spent a quite a while peeling the pot away from the form taking care to avoid ripping or splitting the pot (there were some weak spots where the felt was thinner in some places). Happy was I when one became two!

Edges of the pot softened

The effect I was aiming for was fluff and I got rather more fluff than intended when the liner was felted to the pot. I got the full effect of this when I turned it inside out – that was why I placed the blue fleece on first so it would eventually be on the outside. I was curious to see how pale the blue came out after felting and also how mis-shapen it had become. I guess it was inevitable after all the man-handling I had to do to get it released from its prison. I think we can put it into the “organic form” category!

It has been more challenging finishing off the felting on this pot as I wanted to preserve the fluffy effect so had to do any stabbing from the inside out and the opening is quite narrow (about 2″ old money).  It’s interesting that even though I used the same amount of rice in the same pair of tights the shape and size has come up completely different in Fluffy to Pot 1. Such are the joys of working with this amazing medium.

3 thoughts on “I have a soft pot for you

  1. What’s it for?
    One man’s purpose is another man’s dolphin and a pile of bricks can be a step up or part of the rocky road to artistic anarchy worth thousands.

    Sometimes purpose is ephemeral and served by a fleeting observation and if it is no more than to stimulate a question rather than provide an answer then hey ho. The very nature of its mutability via the catalyst of an intervening creator, or even just its existence or ‘is-ness’ are surely an indication of their fitness for purpose. Having said that, they may feature in next year’s Reginald Perrin’s Grot Catalogue 🙂

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