Lovely Lavender!

Lavender WandWhat’s not to love about lavender? The range of colour is perfection, the scent is divine, and it’s the kind of plant you can just bung in the ground and leave to it’s own devices (apart from an annual short, back and sides).

This year, I’ve been a bit more organised and have actually made a lavender wand with ribbon. It was an excursion out of my comfort zone for the sole reason that my lavender plants are too tiny to be producing yet, so I had to go begging the kindnesses of my neighbours. It’s ended up with me getting offers from all over Horsforth, and generously so – mostly it’s, “come and help yourself – the plant is there, take what you need.”.

It’s been another example of me being courageous in asking for help, and then receiving it without condition. I have made a note to be more courageous in the future.

I believe my fear is a backward shadow from being raised to be “independent”, without acknowledgement of the necessity of being able to ask for help sometimes, and it’s absolutely, 100% ok to do so. No man is an island and all that. I enjoy offering help to others, and now I can learn to enjoy receiving help too – it diminishes nobody, and enables everyone to shine.

So here I sit, with my lavender wand, some new people in my life, and a lavender wand-making session set up for this Sunday in our shed as I also realised that people want to learn how to make them (they are very pretty and the scent lasts for ages).

Email me if you are interested.

Meanwhile, I’m off to sort out my beautiful ribbons to get ready…


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