Felt Balls Tutorial – update

Balls!I never in my wildest dreams imagined that ANYONE would actually watch the felt balls video I made for a 30 Day Challenge in 2011, aside from those on the course. I’ve just had a quick squizz at the figures and as of today, the total is  304,491 (January 2015)!

It’s kinda exciting! Thank you all for watching it, and for your comments and questions. I look forward to making more.

I love seeing what people have made with their felt balls. This is a garland made from them. Do share – no shyness required…

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You can never have too many lurchers…

Whilst training to be a Tellington TTouch practitioner I seemed to gravitate to the people with sighthounds (lovingly referred to as “fart corner” for obvious reasons), not just because they were fun folk, but also because my Meg could cope there.

I was told, in somewhat conspiratorial voice, that you could “never have too many sighthounds”!

Our Meg
Our Meg

At the time I thought the assertion ridiculous – mostly on the grounds that I had ONE sprollie (springer x collie) and she took up all my time, love and effort. I loved her like no other, but she was enough!


Lesson number one: never compare a sighthound with a sprollie. It’s like comparing a teapot with a pineapple.

Years later, Mutley (rough coated sofa-hound) came into our life and I discovered


that dogs can be easy to live with. Sighthound Number One.

Lesson Number Two: there is always competition for space on the sofa with a sighthound.

Tuesday this week I collected Sighthound Number Two. Although she is fantastically anxious, she has an inner strength like no other; she has a resilience that enables her to have a lead put on, even though her body is screaming “run for your life, this is SCARY!”. Her face speaks it loudly, but she seems to understand that some things have to be done.

I can hear my dog friends shouting – she’s in “freeze” you dope! Back off!

Normally, I’d be there shouting too, but you can see her personal dialogue going on, yes, no, yes, no, hurry up and get it done… She’s a star. She knows shit has to happen for the calm that follows.

I have never encountered such a gentle soul before; I suspect it would never occur to her to do anything which might harm another.

Why, you might ask, am I referring to her only as she? It’s because her current name is too close to two of our animals and it’s confusing the heck out of Muts, but I do get a two-for-one recall, which is pretty good value! We are waiting and watching (ever so discreetly out the corner of our eyes so as not to freak her out with eye-contact) to see her personality uncover itself to get the right name for her.

So, today is just a brief introduction to our little ghost hound, who we adore already. I will be keeping you up to date with the principle that “you can never have too many sighthounds” and will see if you agree.

For now, however, I am happy to stick with two.

Molly as is
Molly, for now!

Hi Honey! I’m Ho-ome!

I know, I know. I’ve been away from here for far too long. It goes like that sometimes, and as a person who is easily distra… ooh, look, shiny…. where was I? My partner and I had a “bit of a year” last year and moving into 2015 has created a focus I wasn’t expecting, […]

Who’s the twit?

This must be an age thing as it’s a full month since I went to York for the first Felter’s Group. Where has the time gone? There, I had to say it, I’m turning into my mother. This week we were mostly doing needle-felting, a particularly dangerous sport. We were also doing the obligatory tea-drinking, […]

York Felters – paper-making heaven

I have been keeping my eyes peeled for a local textiles group to join and lo and behold, one of my new Twitter friends mentioned that one was forming in York. Off I trotted and met a wonderful and diverse group of fellow felters while we made silk paper. It’s been a while since I […]

Turning around to face where I’m going…

I am a great believer in our ability to listen to the whispers and be guided to who we truly are. In the past this has involved meditation, t’ai chi, mindful walking, journal writing and so on, i.e. a conscious effort to create the environment to hear clearly. I am experiencing another way. Flow. There […]

Gratitude Bunting

In my box of unfinished projects I have material to make bunting for our lovely Bell Tent and do you know what? It’s in the “unfinished projects” box. It’s almost becoming an instruction. Put it in the box and stop feeling guilty about it. Done. So what happened to inspire me to make “gratitude bunting”? […]

Making a felt bag workshop – results are in!

What a great day! The final day of the 30 Day Challenge saw six lovely people join me for a felting extravaganza making bags. I scaled the size of the bag down to ensure that we could finish in time and we managed it, including time for drinking tea and eating cakes! None of the […]


Many moons ago I was introduced to the editing suite at college via an early Media Studies course (yes, it felt like a cop-out course because learning really shouldn’t be that much fun, should it?). I spent hours in there reeling the tape back and forth to find the perfect spot for the audio to […]

‘Round and ’round in circles…

I’ve had one of those really frustrating days which leave me feeling like I’ve been bounced between all the “shoulds” in my life; I should get all of the orders from my day job out ASAP, I should answer that phone before the answer-machine cuts in again (you don’t get 19 messages from activity), I […]