To pay, or not to pay? That is the question.

What was that?

So, I’ve decided to set up an online textiles school. Straightforward – do a bit of videoing, find a platform, stick the videos on, and you’re away.

Erm, no.

In the process of finding out what others are doing and how they are doing it, I have stumbled upon a pretty crucial question –

free content (funded by joining Patreon), or paid? If paid, then would it be per video, per month, or per year?

I have just signed up to a massively discounted membership site for sewers and while I was filling in the payment details all kinds of questions swirled around my head;

  • How can I trust these people?
  • Will I remember to cancel it so the payment doesn’t go on forever?
  • when it says that the payment will be taken automatically on the day of renewal at the going rate at the time, will they suddenly treble their prices because I’m a captive audience?
  • and, can I trust these people with my details?

I’m normally pretty relaxed when I sign up to things, but this one has triggered a load of trust issues, and I was searching desperately for some reassurance on their site. I have yet to find some.

Don’t get me wrong, the sewing fraternity is hardly a hotbed of crime, but I felt a little hand holding at the outset was called for.

When you sign up for courses what assurances do you look for?

I’m off to explore their videos now… toodleoo!

Your thoughts...