Tote Bags Galore

If you are anything like me, you will find yourself at the shop and realise you have no bags in which to put your shopping! Bugger! There is a stuff hole in the kitchen which is vomiting bags onto the floor, but they reluctantly remain at home.

This quick tutorial shows how easy it is to make a tote bag which you can roll up and keep in your handbag, and can make in different shapes and sizes according to your fancy.

I’ve seen bags made from tea towels (my aunt used to regularly send me waterproof tea towels; you know the kind, the ones which cannot be beaten into submission regardless of how frequently you wash them, or try to bend them to get some of the stiffness out), and old shirts. My mate Tess made one for me out of denim, so hang on to your old jeans!

Now off you trot and get sewing. It really is easy-peasy.

R x

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