Easter Bunny from a Knitted Square

Making Felt Balls

Making a Tote Bag (or four)

Just received a lovely comment –

“Saving this tutorial as well . You’re so good at explaining!! Thank you so much!! :)”. Thank you!


Crochet Spiral Earrings (or other twiddly embellishments)


Zipped and Lined Bag

Further tutorials will be posted in due course – I want to share varied techniques with you and we can have fun creating together.

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    1. Each ball takes about 10 minutes to make so if you can count up how many balls there are on the wreath (!) you can work out how long it would take. My guesstimate is, quite a while but you’d have a wreath for life!

  1. Rachael, Thank you for sharing beauty with the world:) You’re just lovely and full of sunshine, and so are your projects. I’m grinning as I write…

  2. Hello Rachel, I was very happy to find your video as tomrrow I am going to make felt balls with children! And never felted before :).
    But how do you add different colours?

    1. I’m delighted you’ve been inspired!

      To add extra colours you can do them in layers, or if you have carders (like bent pins on bats) you can mix your colours that way. The question, I suppose, is, what effect would you like to create?

    1. The water in the squirty bottle was about 3/4 full, with around a teaspoon or less of detergent. There was no soap in the jug of water.

      It’s not an exact science, I just go with a squirt and a splash and a dollop – which is unhelpful when you are new to it! Experiment, and see what works for you. It’s enough soap in the water to make it feel slightly slippy.

      R x

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