I’ve only gone and broken my favourite mug!

I admit it. I am a creature of habit. I have my favourite clothes, my favourite towel, my favourite bedding, and my favourite mug. Tea never tastes the same in another mug, so I use the same one, day in, day out.

I’ve had some mugs which needed to go for a re-bore. Others which got chipped and a little sad looking, but they were my friends and a little chip here and there wasn’t going to change how I felt about them.

Then I moved to Leeds with my lovely man. I had a beautiful bone china mug covered in deep blue flowers. It was special because it wasn’t one of those mean bone china mugs. No. This one had room for a drink which was still warm when I got to the bottom.

I loved this mug.

Very much.

Then, suddenly, one day it died.

Once upon a time I would have mourned the loss. Yes, really! I would have cried, been angry and oh so upset that my mug of favour was gone and could never be replaced. Oh woe, woe, woe. But for my beautiful blue mug it dawned on me that here was an opportunity.

What if, yes, what if blue mug had gone and left an opening for an even more beautiful mug?

Whoopwhoop! We went shopping and found such a thing. Same shape, still floral, different shade of blue, not bone china. Did I love it? YES!

Then last week, it too had an accident, (it may have been suicide, but there is no evidence, and no note). This time, I almost cheered! I could buy a new mug!

It’s portrait is at the top. Isn’t it a beauty! It’s all huggable, and red and spotty. It’s a dribbler, but that’s fine. It happens to us all with time. Still love it.

What changed for me? I moved from a mentality of scarcity (there is no mug in this world that could replace the lost one), to one of abundance and opportunity. There are many mugs out there, and I can bring new ones into my life – two at a time if I wish.

Do we confuse inanimate objects with people? Do we worry that the old mug will be disgusted at our lack of loyalty to them, and moving on so quickly? Give over! It’s a mug.

I’m orf for a nice mug of tea – mine’s gone cold.



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