It's not that cold oop North...

It’s interesting how absorbed I have been in the day to day stuff. Here I am getting stuck into my 30 Day Challenge for Screw Work Lets Play and making lists of what I’d like to happen or things I’d like to achieve and when a golden opportunity to tick many of these off the list I then have to sit myself down and JUSTIFY it! What nonsense!


In life it’s a mission to be fully present, to live in the now and so on, but it then becomes very easy to take an eye off the ball that is the future. For instance, I am preparing to do a workshop teaching felting. It has been on my mind to attend someone else’s workshop just to get an idea of how  they structure it (I think I know how to do it, it’s just a confidence thing). I am also looking at getting a list of suppliers, finding out what publications are out there and getting general inspiration.

Then, a chance (is there such a thing) mention by an old friend of mine sends me into a flurry. “Is anyone going to be at WonderWool this weekend?” she asks. What happens at WonderWool? Felting workshops and demos, wool and fleece, suppliers and inspirations galore! Tick, tick, tick and, er, tick!

So, this weekend I’m going to be at http://www.wonderwoolwales.co.uk/ mopping up as much as I can mop up. I believe I’ve got over the, “I shouldn’t be going – I’ve got my list of things to make and do to finish for my Sunday check in with my group”. I shall continue to hear the voice which witters at me and shall also continue to ignore it on the basis that one day it will give up pestering me and GO AWAY!

If anyone wants to get hold of me this weekend it will be easy to find me – just listen up for the delighted laughter, sighs and drools coming from Builth Wells.

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